Radix Registry Raked In Over $600,000 in Premium New gTLD Domain Sales in the Last Quarter Alone
Radix Registry offered a peak into their premium domain sales results for 3Q-2016 today when they issued their first quarterly report of this data in infographic format.
Radix operates a portfolio of new gTLD extensions including .online, .website, .tech and .store to name a few.

As is the case with most new gTLD registry operators the sale of premium domains at considerably higher price points than standard registrations is a key source of revenue for Radix. These sales are made through their registrar partners or via marketplaces like Sedo,Afternic, auctions, brokerages and direct premium sales.

Some are “annuity” sales (those that carry a premium price that is paid again with each annual renewal) while others revert to a standard renewal price after a one-time premium price is paid when the domain is purchased.

In 3Q-2016, Radix reported 406 premium domains were registered or renewed, generating $607,818 in revenue for them. .Online produced the lion’s share of that income – $197,165 – accounting for 37.5% of the total. .Store was next at 19.8%, followed by .tech with 15.9%.  Five other extensions were each in single digits percentage wise.

Their annuity sales were by far the most lucrative, producing 86% of their $366,071 in newpremium domain registration fees vs. 14% for one-time sales (those with a high price up front that reverts to standard renewals fees after that). Their top one-time sales were at $30,000, at $15,000 and at $10,000. Their annuity sales were led by eight domains that cost $6,500 each up front and require the same amount to be paid again each year as premium renewal fees. Those domains were,,,,,, and

You will find a lot more data on these premium sales in this easy to read infographic.


(Posted November 17, 2016)

How Radix new TLDs fare with End-Consumers ?

Radix  produced an infographic based on an ICANN survey to analyze how their new strings are doing with consumers.

Some of the ICANN results:

  •  52% of surveyed consumers were aware of at least 1 new gTLD presented to them
  •  7 out of 10 of new-gTLD-aware consumers had visited a site on a new gTLD
  • Volume vs. Consumer mindshare: TLDs that top the charts in terms of domain volumes don’t necessarily own equal amount of consumer mind share
  • Time in Market does not impact Consumer Awareness: The amount of time that a TLD has been live for is not proportional to the customer awareness for the extension

Radix delved deeper into how .online and .website fared with consumers.


Radix: .ONLINE Fastest New gTLD to Sell 100,000 Domains

Radix the registry for .ONLINE announced today that .Online is the fastest gTLD to sell 100,000 domains names since their launch less than 3 months ago.

After a very successful launch which broke all new gTLD records with 38,000 domain names registered in the first 24 hours of General Availability, .online surpassed 100,000 domain registrations this morning.

The 100,000th domain to be registered was that came through eNom.

This milestone comes at a time as Radix also surpasses 1 million Domains Under Management.

A quick scan of the .online zone through DataProvider pulls out some interesting data points according to Radix:

• 100+ .online sites are in the top 1 million & it’s the 2nd fastest new domain extension in terms of new additions to the Alexa 1 million list (for the last 30 days)

• 70% of .online domain names are between 3-10 characters

• 28,500+ .online domains already have developed sites in just 2.5 months of launch. This excludes sites with parked & placeholder pages.  Of those developed sites, there are a total of 246,085 pages and 9,727 are optimized for mobile or have a mobile version.

• 42,100+ of .online domains have MX records.


o 56% sites in English
o 19.4% sites in German
o 8.6% sites in Dutch
o 4.9% sites in Russian
o 2.1% sites in French

.Online Becomes the Fastest TLD to Sell 50,000 Domains

Post a record breaking launch, .online is still going strong 7 days into launch. After registering 28,000 domains in the first 30 minutes, .online seems to have broken one more record — the fastest to sell 50,000 domains.

The 50,000th domain to be registered was by Realtime Registrar whichtranslates to in German.

While Germany has been the leading market for .online, the extension is seeing consistent uptake from leading global markets. The current geo split backs this up:

Country Domains Percentage Contribution
Germany 14,583 32.2
United States 8,349 18.4
United Kingdom 3,427 7.6
China 2,726 6
Netherlands 2,426 5.4
Spain 1,673 3.7
Canada 1,259 2.8
Australia 1,092 2.4
France 997 2.2
Italy 787 1.7
India 690 1.5
Others 11,991 16

The TLD has prominent shelf space across leading registrars like GoDaddy, 1&1, UnitedDomains, Namecheap, etc. which are the highest contributors.

Already, the 26th largest TLD by zone, .online seems to be fast catching up on extensions like .photography, .email that have been amongst the first new gTLD launches and most popular in this round.

Here is a snapshot of how .online compares to other leading TLDs and the time they have taken to reach 50,000 domains.

TLD Time Taken to Reach 50k
.online 7 days
.club 13 days
.nyc 24 days
.london 2 months
.guru ~2 months
.click ~5 months
.link ~7.5 months
.photography ~10 months
.email ~12 months

TLDs like .xyz, .berlin which gave names for free to customers have been excluded from this list.

.Online domain name registrations by the numbers

A look inside .Online’s strong debut.

By all accounts, .Online had a great first day yesterday. It got over 30,000 registrations. Its overnight zone file now sits at about 35,000 names.

I dug through the zone file to look for patterns. Here’s what I found…

Here are three companies that registered a lot of domains. There might be others, but these companies pointed the names to their corporate nameservers:

  • Microsoft – 40 domains including, and
  • Bank of America – 39 domains including, and
  • Home Depot – 30 domains including, and

1&1 crushed it. According to nTLD Stats, it has registered close to 15,000 .online domains so far. I suspect this is due to two things:

  • Harvesting its pre-order list.
  • $9.99 introductory price

Here are the domain parking companies that pop out as having the most new .online names on their nameservers:

  • Sedo 678
  • Domain Name Sales 338
  • GoDaddy Cash Parking 235

Domain investors clearly got in on the action. Chad Wright went big, and Ben Inc (Ben Van Dyk) got 299.

Finally, here’s a chart showing how many domains were registered by SLD length, up to 20 characters:


Many of the three character domains were three digits. There were a total of 865 domains registered that started with a number.

The web just got bigger with .online

When it comes to .ONLINE, the real question is what can’t you use it for? .ONLINE is a great alternative to other generic domains if the domain name you want is already taken. It is also great for brick and mortar stores who want to differentiate their offerings online, or for other companies that want to emphasize their presence on the web.